Buying stocks is a valuable way to invest your money. Not only is it a sure way to protect your money from taxes, but is also a means of building wealth. This will make newbies wonder how to pick the right stock in order to meet their investment targets. From Netflix to Amazon, there are several high-performing stocks to choose from as a beginner.

The best stocks to buy in 2021 for beginners

Below are the top 6 best stocks for beginners to buy:

1. Disney

The entertainment-focused, California-based company still has one of the most solid stocks to invest in thanks to its subsidiaries. You should know that the subsidiaries range from ESPN, National Geographic, Fox, Lucafilm, Marvel, as well as other reputable vacation locations and services situated across the globe.

Their ability to secure the interest of a variety of active customers makes Disney a solid stock to invest in. Also, with the launch of Disney+ in 2019, investors can rest assured that their stocks will stay protected from pandemic-related stock crashes. The company’s current stock price is about $180.70 USD.

2. Facebook

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook alone accounts for 3.51 billion out of the estimated 4.7 billion active users of the internet. With the number of its active users, it is evident why Facebook has been winning in the stock marketing 2021, with revenue up to 56% per year.

3. Newmont Corporation

Newmont stocks can be good protection against uncertainty due to the fact that it’s a gold and copper mining company. So far, precious metals have been considered a safe anchorage in times of market turbulence. The company’s current stock price is about $57.59 USD.

4. Amazon

Almost everything you can imagine buying can be bought on Amazon and be delivered to your doorstep in less than 24 hours. This makes Amazon stocks very valuable, since they have been able to gather a large customer base over the years. Amazon has also been projected to have an increase in profitability. The company’s current stock price is about $3,426.23 USD.

5. Alibaba Group

Thanks to its enormous size, Alibaba is still increasing by leaps and bounds, with last quarter revenue rising over 34%every year. Investing in Alibaba stocks is surely a great way to earn a profit.

6. Netflix

Netflix is a top-notch streaming service that has earned over $25 billion in revenue in 2020. It has continued to grow in 2021 and has gained over 200 subscribers globally. This makes its stocks solid and pandemic-proof. Its current stock price is about $564.38 USD.

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Benefits of buying stocks

There are some amazing benefits that people can gain in the stock-buying business.

  • It helps grow money

After a period of time, stock markets will likely rise in value, thereby growing profits far above your initial investment.

  • They are easy to sell off

Stocks can be sold off anytime the investor wants. This is very crucial, especially if the investor is in dire need of money.

  • Stocks protect your wealth

Conditions like taxes and inflation can have an unfavorable impact on your wealth. Investors can get a more favorable tax treatment with equity investments.

  • Dividends

Investors benefit by getting dividends from some stocks.

Stocks provide investors with long-term wealth security and a safe landing in times of need. Without a doubt, buying stocks is a good way to invest your money.


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