There are various ways one can make money online legitimately without engaging in illicit act. Completing surveys provides such financial rewards. With a mobile, iPad, laptop or desktop connected to the internet, you can earn money through filling surveys in legit survey websites.
These 5 legit survey websites provides you the platform to earn money online and in the comfort of your home.

Survey Junkies

Do you want to complete surveys online in order to earn dollars? Survey Junkie is the right platform to visit to achieve such a feat. They have millions of users who use their platform and earn dollars regularly. However, the platform is open to people that reside in the United States, United Kingdom and few European countries. The age range is 18 years and above. Surveys get completed in 20 to 30 minutes, depending how fast you are, while using a mobile, laptop, iPad or even a desktop. The platform encourages the use of gift cards and PayPal to remit earnings.

Survey Savvy

As the name implies, Survey Savvy is a saavvy survey that is legit, run concurrently for teeming users to earn in dollars. To register on the platform, one is expected to be 13 years and above. Furthermore, Survey Savvy is more beneficial when you use various devices to complete surveys. This idea ensures you earn from different systems so as to have a sizeable earning. Survey Savvy is one of the foremost survey platforms that does not employ the usage of gift cards, Amazon gift cards or PayPal. Payment is made strictly by paying into your account.


This survey website is reverted as the best survey site because it has earned it. They are trustworthy, competent and digitally savvy. The survey website offers a seamless experience for it’s numerous users in various countries. It is not common place to see consistent and dedicated users earning as much as $800 to $1,000 yearly. Furthermore, Swagbucks runs an efficient system where users are paid directly into their bank account when they request for withdrawals.

Meanwhile, they can still redeem their earnings through the use of Amazon gift cards, PayPal or other vendors recognized and accepted by the survey platform. Users are expected to be 13 years and above in order to be qualified to use the platform


This is a strictly research organization based in the United Kingdom that allows for users within the United States and the United Kingdom only. They give a sign- up bonus of $1:00 and the accepted registration age range is between 14 years and above. Users are allowed to request and make withdrawals from $25. Other platforms to redeem earnings like gift cards, Amazon gift cards and PayPal are accepted and well recognized. Users can participate from their mobile, laptop, desktop and other devices as long as they are connected to the internet.

One Opinion

This survey website offers users the opportunity to earn dollars online through completing of online surveys. The age range for participation is actually 18 years and above but 13 year old too can participate as long as they get consent from their guardians or parents. However, One Opinion doesn’t give cash, all earnings must be retrieved through gift cards, and PayPal.


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