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Dailybrink.com is a personal finance magazine which provides in-depth articles and comprehensive guides in order to help the young generation to build wealth.

Founded in 2021 by Matt, our team is composed of finance enthusiasts from different fields.

Our mission is to empower the young generation about personal finance and investing so they can build wealth.

Our audience and topics

Our readers are millennials from all over the world, who want to better understand how personal finance works so they can start investing early on.

We are specialised in the following topics:

  • Saving money:
    • How to save money,
    • Tips to achieve your goals (saving money to buy a house, saving money for college, build savings for retirement, etc …),
    • Calculating how much money to save to be financially free,
  • Making money:
    • How to make money at different stages of your life,
    • Tips to choose the best strategy,
    • How to create wealth,
  • Investing money:
    • How to invest in stocks,
    • How to invest in gold and silver coins,
    • How to invest money in cryptocurrencies,

Our Writers 


Passionate about personal finance, he created this magazine in order to help millennials build wealth. He writes about personal finances tips and gold & silver coins.


Paty has dedicated many hours since an early age to learn about stocks, cryptocurrencies and other investments. Her goal is to retire at 40 years old. She mainly writes about these topics.

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If you would like to talk, feel free to send us a message at redaction@dailybrink.com .

For other departments, please use the corresponding emails:

Media/Press: media@dailybrink.com

Advertising/Partnerships: advertising@dailybrink.com

General: contact@dailybrink.com

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