Modern technology has seen a drastic change in almost every facet. Hence, the finance industry attest to this fact. Today, anyone can make payments, buy stocks, calculate and pay taxes, and make savings. Also, they can plan their budget in the comfort of their home, through a laptop or iPad, without going to the bank. Various personal finance software is available online and are accessible through smartphones and gadgets. Here are 5 best personal finance software in 2021.


Technology has transformed financial management from pen and paper and gigantic piles of files to software through smart gadgets. They are equipped with the necessary tools needed to have a simpler, easier, and better lifestyle.

YNAB is one of the best personal finance software that caters to the needs of all your budgeting needs. It is a go-to software to manage your personal finance in a well-structured and accountable manner. YNAB is not only centered on budgeting, but also offers a valuable resource on how to manage your finance and track your expenses on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, it is connected to your individual or personal account, extracts your financial data, and keeps you informed of your finances.


This is one of the most brilliant financial personal finance software ever created. The company that built this software had a fantastic team that had their thinking cap on in the creative process.

Mvelopes creates a platform where you can add your budget for the month. Mvelopes does not exceed the amount budgeted and stored. This software makes you financially disciplined, while doing it effortlessly without you breaking a sweat.


Quicken is one of the most popular and well-admired personal finance software. With millions of users under its belt, Quicken is your one-stop financial powerhouse for a wide range of personal finance services.

It offers immense value, coupled with an interface that is very easy to use, no wonder it’s a user’s favorite. Quicken can be used for budgeting, keeping tabs on your credit, and savings. It also provides valuable resources for financial knowledge.

With Quicken, you can pay bills immediately or even reschedule them for the appropriate date. Most people use it to evaluate assets, handle real estate payments, and even export data as an Excel sheet.


Mint is a foremost personal finance software that offers so much more. It is one of the most effective budgeting and expense tracking software. An invaluable software for running day-to-day financial activities.

Through the use of Mint, one cannot only cut on one’s excesses, but also make payment when due. It offers users a system whereby one can set prompts for bills to be paid, etc. Mint is free and can be easily downloaded, and available on all devices like android, iOS, and desktop.


As the name implies, personal capital is a platform that congregates all your accounts and financial investments in one place. This gives you a holistic view of your finance, thereby assisting you in managing your assets.

You are presented with all the data needed, so you can make detailed and informed financial decisions.

So here you have it; 5 best personal finance software in 2021. Depending on your individual needs, the decision is yours.


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