Why We Should Be Nurturing Inventors

What GoDaddy Coupons Have to Do With Nurturing Creativity.

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Innovators are the people who start new businesses and create jobs. Often the standard of living is raised in countries where creativity is encouraged. Here are some of the reasons that we as a society should be nurturing inventors.

Creative Thinking

When you are looking at potential employees a creative employee is a far better asset than one who can memorize the employee manual.  When they start flexing their creative muscles you can reap the rewards of better efficiency or new product lines just to name a few.

Exploring New Fields of Knowledge

Inventing allows creative people to build on their own discoveries and open up entirely new fields of study and knowledge.  Trying to solve a real life problem through experimentation allows people to learn without any outside interference.  Personal exploration allows you to see the world first hand, this comes with some pretty powerful teaching tools and solving one problem often leads to the discovery of another.

If at First You Don’t Succeed….

Inventors fail…and they fail a lot!  There are very few inventions that came out right the first time instead there is sometimes years of trial and error involved.  Even Einstein failed often, most inventors will persevere and treat failure as a learning tool.  When you are developing new technologies there is no path laid out before you and you have to find your own way.

Increased Motivation

The act of inventing often comes with the built in motivation to succeed and solve the problem.  Most inventors and creative thinkers get so absorbed into what they are doing they often have to be reminded to do everyday tasks.  Most find the work is its own reward and the become engrossed in solving the next steps and reaching their end goal.

Better Communication Skills

Most inventors don’t work autonomously; they are part of a team.  While an inventor may understand his own idea best they need to be able to communicate that idea to other people to make it happen.  They must learn to listen as well as convey ideas.  A team will often bounce ideas off of each other to solve problems.

All of these skills that make creative people so dogged and successful easily transfer into everyday life.  They can help you interact with other people besides your work team.