Inventing 101

Inventing 101: How Amazon Promo Codes Can Help

What defines an invention?  An invention is simply an idea or product that started out in the imagination of the inventor until they brought their invention to life.  Once you invent something that the public wants that in turn can lead to fame and fortune.  So, how do inventions get to the marketplace?

Amazon Promo Codes = Great Marketing For Inventions.

amazon promo codes - inventingOne of the greatest overlooked aspects of invention is getting your product marketing to the right people. You can’t just try to break into the top music devices by offering a voucher for your product on Amazon and hope to become a #1 bestseller overnight. There’s much more to it than that.

Here is inventing 101 for you.

First off, let us say this: being an inventor is not easy. Even what seems like a simple invention often has had years of hard work go into it.  The process to get an invention into the hands of the public follows three basic steps.

Creation, patenting and then marketing are how inventions get into the hands of consumers.  This may sound simple but the process really isn’t. Arguably the hardest part isn’t the inventing itself, but the marketing so that people know about your product. In recent years platforms like Kickstarter have been valuable in helping people get the word out about their product, but they do take their cut of your profits. If you’d rather do it yourself, set your own website using’s simple website builder and affordable hosting packages.

Before you even think of bringing a product into the market place here are some steps you should follow.

    1. Let your ideas percolate, don’t force yourself just enjoy letting your creativity flow.
    2. Always evaluate and research whether your idea is even marketable. Do some market research, check with friends and online to see if your product is viable. Here is how to do your own market research.

  1. If you’re a naturally creative person then always keep pen and paper handy you never know when inspiration is going to strike.
  2. Test, test and then test some more. As you bring your idea to life you need to make sure that all parts are working.  Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the tests before you move on to the next phase.
  3. Protect yourself! Speak with a patent lawyer and follow the process to the letter, there are plenty of patent trolls out there that would love to cash in on your invention. When you are are logging into websites that contain sensitive information use a service like to mask your IP and other important information.

Cool ideas get turned into inventions every day.  New technology helps grow our economy and make our lives easier, can you imagine life if the internet had never been invented?  Inventing takes perseverance and a pretty thick skin, the process can be long with many failures along the way.  Don’t be afraid of failure, learn from it instead.

If you’re an aspiring inventor then you need to understand the process before ever trying to bring your invention to market.  Almost all of us can come up with fantastic idea but it is the inventor who takes the initiative and turns that idea into reality.  Inventors should be encouraged, some of the greatest inventions through the ages were made by people just trying to solve a problem.