Since she was sixteen, Jessica Hoffman has not only had a successful career as a makeup artist from Hawaii to New York, but as a proud advocate of abstinence and purity. In both her work and daily life, Jessica exudes positivity, a love of independence, and passion for those around her. If that were not enough, Jessica is also a contributing beauty editor for Disfunkshion Magazine, where she’s written articles on such varying topics as domestic violence and the upsides of being single. Through conferences, television and radio programs, her blog Makeup Memoirs, and the Pure Beauty Project, Jessica hopes to show women that, in a society where physical looks are far overemphasized, they can live a beautiful life of purity, confidence, and self-respect.

What is the Pure Beauty Project?’

Pure Beauty Project is a program under Positive Connections, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that I created in April 2008 with a message of vision, value, purity, and beauty. I wanted to bring out natural god-given beauty. I really love to look at a woman and give her a few tips and tricks on how she can really enhance her eyes or her cheekbones. It’s not just the unattainable standard that media puts out there that perfection is beautiful. Beauty, to me, is so many different things… including a joyful heart, confidence, and a sweet spirit. It is someone going after her dreams and realizing that she is made to do so much more than just being a “pretty little thing.”


Was the Pure Beauty Project hard to get on its feet or did you have support?


I have had a lot of support because I think anyone can appreciate its bottom line. When I launched, I think it created questions in people’s minds like, “Wait, purity? Why are you combining purity with makeup?” The word “purity” means to be untainted or unmixed with any other thing, and I think the word is so beautiful because it’s so strong. It means knowing what you want in life, making that happen, and not talking yourself out of it. I think our country as a whole needs to remember that we need to place such values and worth on women, and treat them with respect. I want any woman – no matter what age, what background, or religion –  to come to a Pure Beauty conference, realize her worth, and feel beautiful.


You’ve been working on a documentary about the Pure Beauty Project. What can you tell us about that experience?


I actually attended New York Fashion Week recently and went backstage. What I wanted to do was delve into the hearts of women: top models, designers, makeup artists… I would march right up to the top models that I would see on the runway and ask them questions like, “How important is it to have self-worth in this industry? How important is it to treat yourself with respect? What do you do to create beauty in your life?” It was very personal, candid, and organic. I got a lot of comments like, “Wow, thank you! That was really great, I loved that. What are you doing again?” [laughs] Half of the women were really touched by it, and loved that they actually had a moment to talk about something really meaningful, not just, “Who are you wearing? What’s your favorite beauty tip?” The documentary will include all that and behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots and fashion shows. It’ll be neat.


Do you know where the documentary is going to be shown?


It’ll be on my website,, and I want to blast it on the internet. I have an event in Honolulu, Hawaii, on November 23rd, and we’re also going to play it there.


Can you tell us about the future intimate apparel line that you have in the works right now?


It’s a goal of mine in the next two years to do an intimate apparel line called “Pure.” I want it to empower women to treat their bodies with purity, respect, and to know that they’re beautiful. I am a twenty-nine year old virgin and I’ve chosen to wait until I’m married to have sex with my husband. I remember that I was at a bridal shower and the bride was getting showered with lingerie. Since I love lingerie, I was thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait for my bridal shower!” And then there was something in me that said, “You know what? You do it for yourself! You go buy that pretty lingerie and you wear it for you.” Purity is something that isn’t talked about, but I think it should be something that we present to our young women so they can have a choice.


You also have a blog called Makeup Memoirs, correct?


I do. You can go to my website and click on the blog, and of course you can go straight to I write about behind-the-scenes work that I’ve done on photo shoots, runways, and commercials. I also highlight other makeup artists, interview them, and put their story on my blog too, just to share a little about what other creative people are doing.


Obviously you’re very inspiring and an incredibly hard worker, but what else would you say sets you apart from others in your several industries?


I create beauty. What traveling has done for me is open my mind. I spent nearly a month in Vanuatu on a mission trip with the women in a really cool village. We painted their nails – they’d never had their nails painted in all their lives! I love to surround myself with positive people and people who have inspired me. I also love entertaining. I grew up dancing and working at Disneyland. I might be on a twelve hour shoot and I’m dancing to the music in the makeup room, or I’m grabbing the model’s hand and dancing with her. I always think that if I can remember to have joy and faith like a child, I’m going to be happier.


What would you say that Daily BR!NK readers can do to contribute to your success?


I do my marketing by myself, but I’d like to have a hair and makeup agent – someone who could work the business side for me. I’d also like a publicist because I do a lot of onscreen makeovers or onscreen education. And of course, I really want as many people to read my blog as I can, and for all the BR!NKers to follow me on and My goal for women is to have them live a life that they truly love. I don’t want to see anybody looking back on their life and thinking, “Oh, I should have, could have, would have, I wish I did.” That’s why I love to be a makeup artist. I love Pure Beauty Project, and I love my work.






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