Daily BR!NK is always on the lookout for extraordinary individuals with boundless creativity and remarkable projects. Those pioneers of all ages and industries, with passion as their common denominator, are some of the most inspiring people we have had the chance to meet. Since we often feature them as they are about to embark on yet another journey, we thought it thought would be interesting to revisit some of our former interviewees and find out how well they have fared since they were featured on the site. These updates (a fourth necessary round) will also hopefully remind you of how diverse our site is, with fresh news ranging from one million farmers in rural areas being helped to the first-ever robot film festival (we wouldn’t make that up!).



A lot has happened to agro-business owner Rikin Ghandi


Digital Green (the venture educating small farmers about new techniques in India) has been expanding geographically, now working with over 55,000 farmers across five states in India. They’re exploring partnerships for extending the work in Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. And they’re also gearing up for a partnership with the Government of India’s Ministry of Rural Development to scale-up the Digital Green system to 10,000 villages, with aims to improve the livelihoods of one million smallholder farmers over the next three years. And finally, DG is getting ready to launch a Facebook game, called Wonder Village, in the next week or so to engage connected users with the issues of rural development and the individual farmers that they work with in a fun and educational manner.




Remember Max Schneider? The up-and-coming actor, singer, dancer, and model…


“I’ve got a lot of new things going on, including a movie I’m shooting right now and a new series for Nickelodeon I’m shooting after!” Max will be a series regular in Nickelodeon’s upcoming How to Rock as Zander. A few months ago, he was an actor in Nick Cannon’s new film, Rags: A Hip Hop Fairy Tale.




Jesse Peyronel, the NYU-trained screenwriter, has been keeping himself busy…


“I’m actually in NYC right now, mostly to meet actors for my upcoming directorial debut, a feature film called SIREN. It’s a microbudget (under $500K), but we’ve all got to start somewhere. It’s a dark, modern-day fairytale. I’m filming in August to try and have the film ready for the Sundance deadline, so that’s taking up most of my time, while keeping busy writing a new TV pilot and trying to sell a pitch or two.”



Katherine Brooks, the filmmaker filming the first-ever live documentary…


is currently traveling all over the United States to meet fifty of her Facebook friends who responded to a status update. Remember that she only knew three of these people in real life! Her team will be editing on the road in the hopes of sending it to the Sundance festival in January. All proceeds of the movie will be donated directly to the Trevor Project, which supports gay youth throughout the country.



Lastly, MIT alum and founder of Marilyn Monrobot Labs, Heather Knight


might have made the biggest headlines since her interview was published a month ago. Just as a refresher, Heather is a social roboticist who creates performances that highlight the endless possibilities of robots as they interact with various audiences. This July, she managed to create the first-ever Robot Film Festival at the 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center in Lower Manhattan. According to the MIT Technology Review, “Donning a sparkling black gown, Knight handed out Botskers (Robot Oscars) to each of the ten winners.”






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