Daily BR!NK is always on the lookout for extraordinary individuals with boundless creativity and remarkable projects. Those pioneers of all ages and industries, with passion as their common denominator, are some of the most inspiring people we have had the chance to meet. Since we often feature them as they are about to embark on yet another journey, we thought it thought would be interesting to revisit some of our former interviewees and find out how well they have fared since they were featured on the site. And believe us, you won’t be disappointed!



A Capella Virtuoso, Kenton Chen


and his group, The BackBeats, rocked NBC’s The Sing-Off and ended up going all the way to the finale. With a new solo album, Kenton will be opening for award-winning singer-songwriter and The Sing-Off judge, Ben Folds.





The always hilarious (and then-pregnant) Shayna Ferm


was one of the first BR!NKers we ever featured, talking about her upcoming musical, Grease 3: Threase. The show went on to be a huge popular success that ran all the way up to this February in New York City. Oh, and she now has a lovely daughter named Georgia Mae.















Blogger Krista Burton


won the 2011 Best LGBT Blog at the Weblog Awards for Effing Dykes, beating out competitors such as After Ellen. She still brilliantly teaches the world about lesbian life with her unique voice (and sexy pictures).
















Michelle Edgar, founder of the nonprofit…


dedicated to bringing music education to underprivileged kids, Music Unites, is going stronger than ever. Make sure to catch their benefit event (and two-year anniversary) on April 13th with The Pretty Reckless and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship.















The hilarious web series by Michael C. Creighton


Jack In A Box,” started its third season a month ago with new episodes every two weeks. Since he was featured on Daily BR!NK, Michael was mentioned in the New York Times and won Best Web Series at the New York Television Festival.





Broadway up-and-comer, Jay Armstrong Johnson

is currently the understudy as Frank Abagnale Jr. in the new musical by Hairpray’s Marc Shaiman: “Catch Me If You Can.” The musical is opening in two days to raving reviews. Now that’s what we call a big break.













Angeleno bakers and brothers, Stephen and Ben Gordon


realized their dreams of opening up their own bakery by doing just that. Their clientele keeps on growing, the delicious bread keeps on coming, and their vision of uniting the community surrounding the University of Southern California is as alive as ever.













History Teachers, Amy and Herb…


who teach their lessons via awesome music videos, have been all over the net since featured by BR!NK. Not only did they release new material, (The Trojan War on Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” anyone?) but their work was also featured on Fox News and in The New Yorker.





















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