Patricia Manuel
Boxing Champion
National boxing champ vies to be the first female boxer to represent U.S.A. at Olympics
Jason Yang
Electric Violinist
Musician says the violin isn't just for classical music
Nittai Malchin
Teenager creates non-profit for post-quake Haitian education
Shayna Ferm
Maybe too dirty for network TV, musical comedian finds audience elsewhere
Johan Khalilian
Inspirational speaker escapes dangerous environment, encourages others to do the same
Greg Woodburn
Young runner starts nonprofit and provides shoes to thousands of underprivileged kids in U.S. and abroad
Tani Ikeda
With the quality of SexEd and the amount of female filmmakers both low, one woman decides to change the game
Ben Giroux
Versatile actor has already played a cop, an elf, a leprechaun, and a monkey creature
Gordon Brothers
Crediting a family recipe and love from God, two brothers sell organic bread and open a bakery near university
Kat Kane
Media Mogul
Young NYC democrat reflects on working with the country's biggest media moguls
Vince & Aaron
Long-time friends embrace the developing art of film-making and rack up thirty million views on online videos
Trevor MacDermid
Social Media Pioneer
Entrepreneur creates platform to capture personal spirit and emotion through the intimacy of the human voice
Meira Elituv
Lingerie fashion merchandiser discusses how both her industry and Judaism affect her life
Ryan Casey
Celebrity culture is hilariously torn apart by this illustrator's "little blonde chick"
Austin Power
"I think that our hands are good at one thing each day," says painter, "and it is our duty to discover what that one thing is"
Michael C. Creighton
Web series "Jack In A Box" makes insecurity and having no concrete life skills surprisingly funny and touching
Krista Burton
Sapphic Blogger
Founder of blog 'Effing Dykes' thrives, teaches you how to be a lesbian or behave properly around them
Maceo Zearik Keeling
Renaissance Man
Army veteran and artist talks creativity - photographs, dance, poetry, and the Black Eyed Peas
Lilit Marcus
"Save the Assistants" filled with cautionary tales and advice for those going into world's most unrewarding profession
Brothers Mueller
Digital Dandies
Stylish identical twins at the forefront of combining art with developing technologies
Max Schneider
Entertainer nabs Madonna's Dolce & Gabbana ad and Broadway musical at age eighteen
Michael Conner
Music Producer
After escaping traumatic gang violence, music producer attributes his success to Homeboy Industries
Alex Makuch
Tech Genius
Ten year old technology whiz designs applications and creates tech tutorials, will out-code you
Shaughnessy Brothers
Web Visionaries
Shifting from the television industry to online retail is seamless for this brother team
Elizabeth Sorrell
Eco Expert
ImpactDash makes it easy to see which small actions make a difference environmentally

Happy Hannukah
Laena McCarthy
Jam Anarchist
Jam expert says food should have stories, makes taste buds explode
Nicu Ivanescu
Music Democratizer
Young European entrepreneur creates the YouTube of music
Jay A. Johnson
Broadway actor can be seen in Hair and Catch Me If You Can
Karol Nielsen
Powerful memoir drawn from author's experience as a journalist abroad; might involve elephants
Rozzi & Derik
Two musicians meet at college, make sweet, sweet music
Kerri White
Affordable Housing Activist
At the core of social progress is the right to affordable housing, says tenant organizer
Ben Flanner
Rooftop Farmer
NYC restaurants buy organic produce from this man, who's transformed a rooftop into a 1-acre garden
Zoë Young
Women's Rights Revolutionary
Ending sex trafficking has no quick fixes, but this activist empowers women to break the cycle
Jessica Hoffman
Makeup Artist/Founder of Pure Beauty Project
Makeup artist promotes natural beauty and sexual abstinence with Pure Beauty Project
Jason Berkenfeld
Harvard College Democrats President
Harvard College Democrat still believes in "change" and crosses fingers for tomorrow's elections
Mark Alan Isaacson
Harvard Republican Club President
Harvard Republican Club President talks politics on Election Day
Jessica Hagy
Freelance illustrator makes the common index card seriously hilarious
Adam Lasher
Rock Musician
Guitar prodigy (and Santana nephew) rocks out, plays at Playboy Mansion
Tatyana Merenyuk
Fashion Designer
Ukranian fashion designer's work "wows" in Chicago, now tackles NYC
Brent Freeman
Social Entrepreneur
Community-conscious and eco-friendly products find an outlet on Roozt, a place for social entrepreneurship
Amy Cao
Food Blogger
Spunky food blogger makes "stupidly simple snacks," video how-to's eliminate fear of kitchen
Ryan Scott Oliver
The next big name in Broadway musicals, Oliver talks shop and the state of theatre
Chad Upton
Tech Junkie
Curious kid who takes things apart turns into adult blogger who breaks down life's mysteries
Narbeh and Jessica
Design Activists
Design partners create mobile device to provide warm showers for Chileans in need
Dallas Woodburn
Writer/Founder of Write On!
Young writer dares kids to turn off their video games and actually pick up a pen
Rikin Gandhi
Founder of Digital Green
Microsoft-approved nonprofit ensures farmers are up-to-date with latest technologies, increases productivity
Justin and Jacob
Professional Class Clowns
The guys who thought up a "kitten penis" are quickly becoming comedic sensations
Kenton Chen
A Cappella Virtuoso
Short Asian singer sounds more like African-American-gospel-star meets middle-aged-Celtic-woman
Katrina Baker
Liberal. Lawyer.
Bubbly lawyer creates a community to celebrate the L word, just not the one you're thinking of
Brett & Benedikt
Professional circus performers create a Vegas clown show worth venturing out of the casinos to see
Josh Hoffman
Founder of Deals for Deeds
Entrepreneur puts a socially-conscious twist on the typical daily promotion website
Joshua Stokes
With a want for real human interaction, this award-winning chef answers your questions, face-to-face
Carl Scrase
Artist does a "little bit of everything," but none of it is very little
Carolina Palmgren
Photographer/Art Director
From model to art director to photographer, this woman's career transitions are seamless
Martin Barry
Landscape Architect
Landscape architect with projects in Saudi Arabia and Paris wants you to embrace change
Emily McDonald
Wardrobe Refresher
Thanks to Emily, you can now go to the Academy Awards in a designer gown and return it the next day
Nicholas Smith
Skateboarding Visionary
New skateboarding device enhances sliding sensation and generates applause
Chrisi Harper
Personal Chef
Personal chef proves a macrobiotic diet can save lives, still taste yummy
Elisa Kreisinger
Pop Culture Pirate
Feminist pirate "queerifies" video, makes us think about female representations on TV
Danielle Uhlarik
Comedian/Plucky Princess
Comedian's YouTube vids cause bouts of laughter, talent causes bouts of jealousy
Luke Harris
Motion Graphics Designer
Designer makes books dance, videos positively magical
Lindsay Mendez
Broadway Baby
Broadway star talks the pleasures of not being pigeonholed into repetitive roles
Jesse Peyronel
Upcoming director/writer set to work on Palahnuik adaptation, among other projects
Peter & Blake
Conscious Filmmakers
Duo responsible for "Guy Walks Across America" has only begun their own journey in the creative world
Scott Ballum
Black Sheep
Founder of online publication meets with small radical businesses, connects them with customers
Erin Reynolds
Video Game Designer
Video game designer teaches kids how to eat well and exercise properly while still killing bad guys
Max Lugavere
Handsome co-founder of Current TV has faith in television viewers and releases EP
Amy and Herb
History Rockstars
History teachers from Hawaii give lessons in the form of awesome music videos
Paul Vidich
Digital pioneer releases app for short stories, giving a dying genre a new (and cheap) life
Juan Carlos P.E.
Not Michael Bay
Master of pop culture Top Ten lists is also an activist and social filmmaker
Tah Mac
Lavish Rapper
Rap world makes way for internationally-minded artist debuting new video for song, "California"
Stefanie Brown
Wicked Actress
Actress follows yellow brick road, ends up in national tour of Wicked
Michelle Edgar
Music Unifier
Music-lover turns entrepreneur, bringing live music together with charitable foundations
Intergalactic Artist
Most Los Angelenos have probably seen this artist's work; his murals have become part of the cityscape
Ayden and Kylie
Anti-Bullying Heroes
Queer couple tell young suicidal youth with life has meaning, use art as healing tool
Damilola Oladeru
Minister of Health-in-Training
Young motivated undergraduate aims to become Minister of Health in Nigeria
Sam Greenspan
Radio Producer
NPR producer talks about the exciting things happening "between the margins" in the radio world
Aaron and Elijah
Bloody Energizers
Gaming geeks create themed energy drinks, like Mana Energy Potion and Zombie Blood, for starters
Erika DeBenedictis
Interplanetary Scientist
CalTech genius explores question on everyone's mind: why are there giant peaks in asteroid distribution
Lisa J. Murphy
Multi-Dimensional Artist
Creator of Tactile Mind, erotic art books for the blind, discusses artistic process and pornography claims
Yael Cohen
Cancer Activist
An organization and a passionate statement, "Fuck Cancer" makes early detection a major priority
Maria Yasko
Interior Designer
Russian interior designer inspired by nature and childhood, creates whimsical modern furniture
Scott Vaccaro
Beer Brewer
East Coast local brewery owner brews beer that's creating a big buzz
Li Wei
Gravity Maverick
Performance art meets extraordinary photographer in Li Wei's world of gravity defiance
Jessika Tarr
Visual Artist
Neo-surrealistic artist loves creepy German fairy tales and opens first solo show
Marc Maron
Podcast Pioneer
Well-known comedian takes the internet radio world by storm, changes how we interact with podcasts
Clay Butler
Canna Cola Creator
California artist creates the first-ever soda that will actually get you high
Alison Watson
Risk-taking documentarist travels the world to work on positive multimedia projects about survivors
Sevan K. Greene
Writer / Playwright / Actor
Lebanese-Armenian/Pakistani thespian writes plays with deep-seated personal history

No BR!NKer Today
David Harrison
Linguist teams up with National Geographic to explore and document endangered languages
Joe Mande
Look at This Fucking Comic
The author of Look At This Fucking Hipster and alum of Best Week Ever talks comedy
Zach & Rick
Life-Saving Entrepreneurs
New medical device (based on natural design of viper fang) will save lives, say its creators
Wyatt Hough
Fashion Designer
Fashion designer brings New York to LA, works for eco-conscious clothing line
Jesse Thorn
Stylish Radio Sweetheart
Public Radio International champion and "backwards entrepreneur" creates accessible men's fashion blog
Kosta Grammatis
Internet Democratizer
25-year-old makes satellites available for purchase and provides internet everywhere around the globe
Nick Fauchald
Food lover creates daily email and app for “adventurous eaters everywhere,” improves culinary experience
Glenn Jones
Insane Graphic Designer
Pop artist and t-shirt designer makes it possible to see (and wear) Darth Vader trimming topiary tree
Randy Blair
Creator of Perez Hilton Saves the Universe and Spidermusical lights up Broadway, loves Charlie Sheen
Josh and Henry
Lawful Husbands
Bi-national married couple fights federal law rejecting petition for green card, requests equality
Machine of Death
Independent Publishers
Three creators of Machine of Death take publishing matters into their own hands, create huge fan base
Jennifer Lilya
Fashion Illustrator
Inspired by Edie Sedgwick, artist captures fashion in charming illustrations
Monica and Linda
Rett Syndrome Pioneers
Two women from opposite ends of the world join forces to combat Rhett Syndrome
Christopher Clark
Alternative Energizer
By providing non-profits the tools to provide solar energy, Sunflower Solutions is a win-win organization
Taimane Gardner
Ukulele Badass
Hawaii native blows our mind with her ukulele, becomes YouTube sensation
David Ben-David
Street Art Entrepreneur
Miami-based artist can turn a guitar into a toilet seat, creates edgy new line of backpacks
Brian O’Reilly
Musician/YouTube Personality
Irish musician creates "Things To Do Before You Die," does them all for the world to see
Andrew Maguire
Intern Boss
Entrepreneur starts company to match interns with companies (and vice-versa), has 100% success rate
BR!NKer Update
BR!NKer Update
Catching up with old friends, from reality TV stars to bakers
Jessica Jackley
Social Entrepreneur
Creator of ProFounder takes into consideration individual entrepreneurial journey
Dar Caldwell
New Business Launchpad
Cleveland-based business incubator helps make entrepreneurial dreams a reality, says founder
Eliot Glazer
Nostalgic Blogger
Writer mixes humor and nostalgia with blog, "My Parents Were Awesome"
Michael Goldman
Musical Crowd-Sourcer
French music lover creates system allowing fans to fund (and thus, produce) the musical acts they love
BR!NKer Update II
BR!NKer Update 2
Checking in on past BR!NKers - from champion boxers to pop magazine illustrators
The Constellations
'It' Band
Atlanta band releases debut album, pays homage to hometown, collaborates with Cee-Lo Green and Asher Roth
Austin Kleon
Newspaper Resuscitator
Writer and artist blacks out words in newspapers to find poetry, comments on art in viral blog post
Katherine Brooks
"Real World" creator makes first-ever live-streamed documentary, visits random Facebook friends
Tyler Bryant
Guitar Prodigy
Guitar prodigy opens for Jeff Beck, was gifted a 1960 Fender Strat at age thirteen
Alice Rapcencu
Romanian illustrator featured in Marie-Claire only draws women, thinks men lack a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi"
Krystyn Lambert
19-year-old stunning magician will cut people in two, can be caught on Showtime in new documentary
Danny Ross
Singer / Pianist
Musician makes fantastic tunes reminiscent of the 60s... and might also work for a Congressman.
Aaron Goldfarb
Self-Hurt Guru
Writer tells you how to screw up your life with his self-hurt guide, bar-hops through book tour
Student Speakers
Congratulations, Class of 2011! Meet three (intimidatingly) brilliant graduates
BR!NKer Update III
BR!NKer Update!
Web and sports entrepreneurs, fashion illustrator, and married couple all continue to impress
Prezi Founders
ImPREZIve Presenters
Presentation platform makes communication and storytelling easy, makes powerpoints obsolete
Jeff and Heather Rush
Vegan Bar Owners
Adorable couple from Brooklyn opens vegan bar and music venue, make their own milk
Elaine Carroll
Comedian / Skinnier Comedian
Comedian and alter ego Mary-Kate Olsen sit down for first-time interview, give advice to young girls
The Family Crest
Collaborative Band
Virtuoso musicians bridge gap between classical and rock music, create LARGE family
Dana-Maxx Pomerantz
Self-Made Designer
Marc Jacobs-trained designer makes fabulous clothes, empowers women
Deana Bracken
Green Glamour Diva
Eco-friendliness and high fashion sense meet in entrepreneur's glamorous green business
Keyun Ruan
Cloud Forensics Expert
Prodigy becomes pioneer in cybercrime investigation in cloud computing environments
Heather Knight
Robotics Expert
Founder of Marilyn Monrobot creates first-ever robot comedian
Spiros Halaris
Rising illustrator works with McQueen, D&G, and can draw inspiration from a nice hip-hop song
Stuart Schuffman
Broke Bad-ass
Popular blogger teaches you how to live cheap and have more fun, premieres his TV show (today!)
Stéphane Gallois
Versatile Photographer
Marilyn Manson, Michel Gondry, Phoenix all pose for multi-talented French photographer
Ann Heatherington
Literary Knockout
In Literary Deathmatch, writers compete against each other reading seven minutes of their own work
Dr. Mothaffar Rimawi
Breast Cancer Research Pioneer
Scientist discovers major breakthrough in breast cancer treatment
Tania Luna
Surprise Artist
Business creates personalized surprises for thousands around the country
Michael Robertson
Technology Entrepreneur
Established technology entrepreneur creates first TiVo for radio

Happy Independence Day!
Miles Ehan
Fashion Designer
Up-and-coming 20yo fashion designer takes NYC by storm
Isabel Castillo
Immigration Reform Advocate
Activist fights for law to grant citizenship to undocumented individuals who entered the U.S. as minors
Sarah Jarosz
Acoustic Prodigy
Bluegrass singer/songwriter and Grammy nominee comes out with breathtaking second album at age 20
Michelle Dortignac
Founder of Aerial Yoga
Yoga instructor combines her craft with aerial acrobatics, combats stress tension
David Fajgenbaum
Support System Pioneer
Founder of National Students of AMF helps students cope with a loved one’s illness or death
Liza de Guia
Food Curator
Disarming storyteller creates mini-documentaries about food journeys: from ground to stomach
Adam Mansbach
Viral Author
Author writes viral, hilarious, best-selling children's book for adults: Go the Fuck to Sleep
Bertrand Baguette
Race Car Driver
Racer wins World Series, leads Indy-500, and likes to hang out with friends
Enrico Casarosa
Pixar Director
Pixar storyboarder makes directorial debut with personal short film La Luna
Emily Brew
Girl Effect Director
Creative Director of The Girl Effect invests in adolescent girls, saves the world
Dorothée (Burundi)
Small-Business Owner
Young girl creates business, provides for extended family
Florence (Burundi)
Modern Mother
Motherhood at a young age does not prevent this girl from standing on her own two feet
Aliyah (Kenya)
Educator / Role Model
Self-esteem helps young mother mentor other girls in need
Justine (Nairobi)
Proud Educated Girl
Justine gets a chance to finish school, can now be seen on national television
Gabriella Redding
Hula Hoop Champion
Passionate entrepreneur loses 60 lbs with hula hoops, creates new fitness trend
Nick Stanhope
Memory Cartographer
Historypin collects images, video and audio recordings; creates digital archive of the world
Ren Ng
Light Master
Lytro revolutionizes photography by allowing for focus adjustment... long after the picture is taken
Amaranth Borsuk
Digital Poet
MIT Postdoctoral Fellow creates book of poems that utilizes augmented reality
Lindsay McConnon & Jena Wang
Fashion Crowdsourcers
Velvet Brigade crowdsources fashion, brings user designs to life
Dale Stephens
College isn't for everyone; UnCollege founder sets out to prove education is better self-sought
John Marbach
Tech Educator
High school graduate facilitates organization of online content, fights information overload
Laura Deming
Anti-Aging Hero
Thiel fellow views aging as a disease, works toward extending lifespan in a healthy way
Gary Kurek
Disability Entrepreneur
Canadian native improves mobility devices for the disabled by making them more practical, lighter
Eden Full
Clean Energy Champion
Solar technology needs re-thinking; Thiel Fellow's device advances energy collection from solar panels
Joseph Kyung-Taek Lim
Opera Singer
South Korean native wins biggest competition in operatic world
Ken Brand
Real Estate Expert
Real estate extraordinaire teaches how-tos of professional sales and personal success
Will Hauser
Two Degrees Food President
Purchase of delicious bars provides nutritional packs to developing world, thanks to this entrepreneur
Aaron Stanton
Book Illuminator
"Pandora for books" offers literary recommendations after analyzing your preferences
BR!NKer Update IV
BR!NKer Update!
Documentary filmmaker, agro-business CEO, social roboticist, and others make the world go 'round
Anne Aghion
Filmmaker creates media center in remembrance of Rwandan genocide
Jeremy Salamon
Chef Jr.
Highschooler rejects junk food and champions homemade, teaches you how to cook
Jackie Monahan
NSFW Comedian
Funny lady stars in film about extraterrestrial lesbians, makes us rethink chicken breasts
Christian Boer
Dyslexia Innovator
Student creates a font for dyslexics as a school project, takes it worldwide, helps thousands
Trevor Hall
Musician mixes reggae, folk & pop with new album, can't write sad songs
Ella T. Gorgla
Fashion Facilitator
Fashion-forward businesswoman creates platform to buy, sell, borrow, swap clothes/accessories
Peter Gregson
Experimental Cellist
Virtuoso cellist mixes classical and technological sounds for explosive musical effect
Lil’ Ronnie Jackson
Eclectic music producer works with different genres and artists, from Lupe Fiasco to Cher
Greg Simonian
Fine Watchmaker
Westime sells high-end innovative watches the world has never seen before
Patrick Freuler
Founder at Audicus
Hearing aids cost ten times less than usual price with Audicus
Jon Vidar
New Media Storyteller
Tiziano Project gives citizens in conflict-stricken regions the means to document and share their stories
Lauren Pollak and Bruce King-Shey
Growth Strategists
Jump fosters creative work environments, provides brand overhauls
Molly McAleer
Comedy Writer
Web celebrity finds success as television writer, blogger, and proponent of lady-giggles
Ryan and Trevor Oakes
Double Visionaries
Twins create ingenious tool to utilize visual biology for artistic advantage
Chris Morton
Curated fashion site is the "Twitter for style," allows you to follow lysts from your favorite trend-setters
ZocDoc Founders
ZocDoc Founders
ZocDoc allows you to find a doctor when you need one, anytime, anywhere
NoViolet Bulawayo
Zimbabwean woman takes home Caine Prize for powerful short story, "Hitting Budapest"
Jane Wholey
NOLA Rethinker
New Orleans organization stirs civic engagement, encourages kids to shake up their schools
Hunter Smith
Professional Nerd
Brilliant geeks get together, build awesome DIY projects, put it all on video
David van der Leer and Maria Nicanor
BMW Guggenheim Lab Curators
Global pop-up open forum seeks solutions to today's urban challenges
Adrian Hon
Apocalyptic App Designer
Zombies, Run! is a spooky app that turns your daily jog into a run for your life
Derreck Kayongo
Soap-cial Entrepreneur
Global Soap Project prevents wastefulness, fatal illnesses
Christiaan Maats
Shoe Gardener
Bury your sneakers, add water, grow a garden
Amy Shackleton
Artist / Master of Gravity
Painter ditches brushes, embraces drips, creates singular and impressive technique
James Cousins
Structural Dancer
Upcoming choreographer wins prestigious award, works to make dance opportunities available to youth
J Anthony & Jonny P
DJs / Producers
Electro band makes euphoric music by blending sounds you didn't know existed
Seth Cooper
Science GameMaster
New game allows players to solve puzzles, cure real-life viruses; plus, it's really fun
Sean Malarkey
Social Media Guru
Pioneer internet marketer gets 100,000 followers in less than a year on Twitter, helps companies thrive on the internet
Shintaro Iwata
Helping Hand(roid)
Japanese company creates the Handroid -- a robotic hand operated remotely by simply wearing a glove, wiggling fingers
Stephen Snedden & Rebecca Pontius
Volunteer Junkies
Get in the Do Good Bus, head to a secret location, and serve your community
Bjoern Lasse Herrmann
Purpose Entrepreneur
26yo founder of four ventures is mapping the genome of innovation
Katy Rubin
Theatre-Lover / Change-Maker
Concrete Justice provokes social engagement through theatre, stars NYC's disenfranchised homeless artists
Frank Haasnoot
World Champion Chocolatier
World Chocolate Master takes home €75,000 and a prize coveted by all in the industry
Kevin Karsch
Image Adventurer
PhD student's research makes significant strides in image editing software
Chris Harrison
Expert in human-computer interaction furthers touch-screen technology, turns it futuristic

Happy MLK Day
Fabian Pfortmuller
Sand(box) Man
Sandbox provides resources and community needed to nurture outstanding individuals making a difference
Nate Simpson
Nonplayer / Illustrator
First-time comic-book writer wins Comic Con award and gets rights acquired for movie adaptation
Ryan Jordan
Designer Gone Gaga
After internships with Ford and McQueen, 22yo Parsons students gets his clothes worn by Gaga
Ayah Bdeir
littleBits Big Shot
Opensource library of electronic modules allows you to better understand technology and become a DIY master
Meredith Perry
Wireless Nerd
22yo scientist invents way to charge your devices wirelessly
Erica Dasher
Actress By Design
Multi-talented actress lands lead role on ABC Family's Jane By Design, breaks ankle
Sohan Dharmaraja
Brailliant Visionary
Stanford Ph.D. candidate creates touchscreen braille writer to let the blind type on a tablet
LeeAnn Renninger
VIT (Very Important Teacher)
School for adults LifeLabs teaches you the science of surprise, dating etiquette, the art of cool, and other essentials
Chris Cunningham
Mad Man (Circa 2012)
appssavvy revolutionizes online advertising by making it a complementary aspect of your digital experience
Jonathan Batiste
Jazz virtuoso brings the age-old classic musical genre into the 21st century
Evan Baehr
Modern Postman
Entrepreneur seeks to fully digitize one of the last remaining paper-prominent industries: the U.S. Postal Service
Callan McAuliffe
Young Gatsby
17yo works with Spielberg and Michael Bay, can be seen in 2012 Great Gatsby and Paradise Lost adaptations
Eben Upton
Mr. Raspberry
Wi-fi enabled computer the size of a metro card costs only $25, has grand implications for tech education
BR!NKer Update V
BR!NKer Update V
Solar panels, Academy Awards, and millions of dollars: a peek at the lives of some past BR!NKers
Brendon Walsh
Will Joke for Beer
Comedian appears on Conan, Kimmel, tries to sell a bag of hair for $50
Rachel Feinstein
Best Bagel Face
Insane(ly funny) comedian gives birth to matriarch of the hip hop community: Gangster Grandma
Sara Schaefer
Million Dollar Comedian
Writer/Comedian/Host proves there is more than one way to be funny
Chelsea Peretti
Best Lines on TV
Parks & Rec writer would love to voice a prostitute in Grand Theft Auto
Ron Funches
Good Times Comedian
Comedian kicks ass on Conan, loves Lucille Ball, is exceedingly down-to-earth

No BR!NKer Today
Hilly & Hannah Hindi
Masters of Parody
Vegas filmmakers/sister duo make the most popular Twilight, Harry Potter, and Lady Gaga parodies on the internet
Ashley Bodi
Small Business Sweetheart
Brilliant entrepreneur builds a service to protect small business owners from delinquent clients
Katryn Kruger
South African model is the new face of Prada, opens and closes Valentino Haute Couture show
Alena Delacruz
Social Gamer
American takes a trip to Germany, ends up staying as a Product Manager for wooga, the premier gaming company
Peter Thum & John Zapolski
Assault Rifle Jewelers
Fonderie 47 destroys AK-47s and transforms them into high-end jewelry
35mm Cast
Broadway Gang
Group of BR!NKers team up and create 35mm -- a multimedia musical theatre event in NYC
Oliver Cooper
Actor X
Self-proclaimed "nobody" lands role in new Todd Phillips blockbuster, then throws a huge party
Henrik & Mattias
Information Matchmakers
Mancx argues that some knowledge is worth paying for, facilitates the exchange
Ante & Jannie
22nd Century Educators
Swedish school revolutionizes the ways children interact, learn, and grow
Scott Gerber
Young America's Advocate
Head of YEC spearheads #FixYoungAmerica movement to tackle youth employment
Carissa Reiniger
Small Business Builder
Entrepreneur sees the Silver Lining in small businesses, promotes SLAP-ing
John Harthorne & Akhil Nigam
Massive Accelerators
Duo creates largest global accelerator, believes in passion over profit
Ingrid Vanderveldt
Dell's first Entrepreneur-in-Residence aims to empower 1 billion women, change global economy
Jeff Slobotski
Silicon Prairie Pioneer
Silicon Prairie News fosters entrepreneurial growth in Midwest cities, shares it with the world
Morgwn Rimel
Professor of Life
London-based enterprise will teach you how to achieve balance in your life
Tomaž Štolfa
World Caller allows you to call any phone at local rates, anywhere you are
Carlos Campos
Fashion's Rising Star
Tailor's son from Honduras becomes successful menswear designer in NYC
Valla Vakili
Reading a book no longer stops at the last page, thanks to a new way to envision the Storyverse
Susan Justice
Soulful performer "Eats Dirt," releases triumphant LP
Becky Straw
Chief Adventurist
The Adventure Project rethinks the way we donate to charities and fight global poverty
Khang Le
Free-to-Play Champion
Adhesive Games promotes free-to-play gaming model in U.S., creates gorgeous first project
Jason Zada
Unforgettable Director
Digital director changes the face of interactive entertainment, creeps us all out
Shawn Bercuson
Screen Saver
Groupon developer revolutionizes digital film distribution via Prescreen
Fyodor and Golan
Inspired Designers
Partners/design duo on scene for two years, already working with McQueen and pop stars like Gaga
James Andrews
Sustainable Architect
Homeless shelters rethought as community centers, designed by innovative architect
Oran Hesterman
Mr. Fair Food
Detroit-based organization fights for sustainable, healthy food for all communities
Trenton Waterson
Marvel-ous Producer
Young man goes from producer's assistant on The Avengers to Marvel's Creative Exec for Iron Man 3
Shainoor Khoja
Telecommunity Leader
Afghani telecommunications company proves that for-profit businesses can improve the community
Yale Song & David Demirdjian
The Unmanned Men
MIT researchers develop software to land unmanned aircraft using hand signals
Jessica Scorpio
Car Sharing Specialist
Founder of Getaround aims to positively impact one billion people, also loves the Beach Boys
Takashi Ohira
Electric Champion
Japanese researcher makes (electric) waves in the electric car industry
Stacy Zoern
Entrepreneur With Drive
Woman takes matters into her own hands when she can't find wheelchair-accessible auto options, starts business
Chris Gerdes
Autonomous Leader
Stanford researcher creates driverless racecar, aims for safer roads
Jingnan Lu & Chris Brigham
Fueled-Up Scientists
MIT researchers harness energy from microbes, predict the future of fuel
Lauren Cerand
First-Class Publicist
Freelance NYC publicist makes a splash in the lit scene, throws epic parties
Joshua Hon
Pro Folder
Cycling company creates brilliantly designed, high-end, foldable bicycle
Christian Lane
Grocer of the Future
Austin group creates the first package-free, locally-grown grocery store in the U.S.
Scott Colosimo
Mr. Motorcycle
Designer quits job, starts manufacturing his own line of motorcycles
Todd, Michelle & Brooke
Academic Voyagers
Three educators set out on a journey to change American education

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